Saturday, 8 March 2008

Still in the top group but slipping slightly at No5

We were told during the last campaign that more money than ever is being spent on our schools. Our kids deserve the best and I want to hear our candidates shouting this over the roof tops and seen to be working to get just that. Dartmouth Academy when completed should help to raise the opportunities for our kids but what happens during the time that it is being built and have we enough safeguards built into the agreement to run the school? If candidates are school governors then they should advertise it with their record on education. Our kids will earn their livings in a knowledge society and therefore must be well equipped to deal with this. Tony Blair was right when he said Education Education Education. The candidates’ commitment to this topic should be a major factor in May. I would like to see candidates campaigning to support our schools such that our schools are in the top 200 nationally over the next three years.


Bob Piper said...

That's never going to be easy, Bob, given the demographics of Sandwell, but I think the Government rather than the Council deserve a lot of credit on this. Blair said Education, education, education, and I think his government lived up to it.

In the last year of a Conservative Government the capital building programme allocated to ALL of Sandwell's schools was just over three-quarters of a million pounds.

Compare that with the schools capital programme of over 20 million pounds in this years budget.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Quite so Bob but our kids deserve the best education we can give them