Friday, 14 March 2008


That’s all that pensioners are worth under this government. Gordon Brown set the scene for how he was going to treat the older generation with his first budget and the famous 75p pence pension increase. In his latest budget (oops sorry hapless Alistair’s first budget) he takes inflation into account and makes the fuel payment increase up to nearly a quid a week. Yippee! But here’s the best bit it’s a one off payment. With his record (remember the £200 council tax payment) that’s what he means, gone next year. I’ll go and put on another jumper get a cup a tea and that about covers the increase. To add to the humiliation we hear that pensioners who are to get back pay under the financial assistance scheme are going to be taxed in one year for what amounts to five years back pay and then its only 90% of what should be paid. Bah Humbug he’s the biggest Scrooge since Scrooge.
I could rant on a lot more about this but I got ticked off by my youngest granddaughter about my last proud granddad bit and have to address this.

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