Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Thank you Spot Zoe and Rover.

I must be going soft in the head because here I am writing to the dogs again and in verse. But let me explain. Since I put the poster on the front of my garden asking the dogs to stop messing up my drive we have not had one incidence of doggy poop (see comment doggy poopIII 7th Feb 2008) I think this deserves a word of thanks to the dogs and their owners. I have come up with another poster. My earlier one is likely to be used in other parts of Sandwell where they have similar problems. Can anyone who spots one please let me know. I need the copyright payments.


LOLA=] said...

i love this post lol!!!!!!its very funny


Bob Piper said...

Bob, I'm not sure I can run to a copyright payment, but I think this is brilliant.

Any objections if I give it a plug in our next Bearwood E-Bulletin and include it as a PDF download? Credit will, of course be given.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Of course Bob and give the blog a plug please. The earlier poster is likely to be used by the town team and we are still a poop free zone.