Friday, 21 March 2008


It’s always a pleasure having my eldest grandson in the car with me. He is an 11yrs old chatterbox with a splendid grasp of the English language and a wide vocabulary. Last night we were stuck in traffic and happily chatting away. Somehow the subject of categories of kids at school came up. He said something like you know granddad there are four types of kids at our school. The popular kids, the ones who think they are popular but not, the nerds, the ones we all hate and the kissups. I had never heard this expression before and turning towards him I asked. What are kissups? He gave me the raised eyebrows, don’t you know anything look then explained they are the kids who suck up to the teacher by doing extra homework to get in the teachers good book. We never did establish which group he felt he was in. I think we have a bit of a rebel. Thank you Hippy and keep up the good work.

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