Monday, 10 March 2008

No 3 is an old faithful

Litter, dog mess and ground care.
I’ve included these as one post because they are all issues that crop up regularly at residents meeting. I will however deal with them one at a time.
We have perhaps only three litter grot spots in our ward. We know where they are and the problem is perennial. Clean it up one day a few days later it’s back. I took the above photo a couple of days ago at one of the grot spots. This has been the subject of many a leaflet over the years but sadly it’s still there. The council have spent a lot of money fitting new handrails and safety barrier along the path and a new path has been constructed but as you can see the line of sight path which most users take is un-kept and dangerous. The litter is a disgrace. It is not rocket science to fix this problem once and for all. I’ll give you a few clues: repair the path, clean up the mess, site a litter bin on the grass, advertise that the wardens will be patrolling the site, catch a few offenders, name and shame with on the spot fines and monitor the site more frequently. Put pictures of the offenders on a notice board at the site. Some creative planting on the embankment would also make this site a lot more cheerful.

Dog mess,
My notice to the dogs works very well Newton dogs can read. Well done Spot, Zoe, Fred and Rover. Whuff whuff. I want to campaign to change the by-laws so that it becomes an offence to be walking a dog without means of cleaning up its mess. This would make it easier for the wardens to prove the offence as they would not have to catch the animal in mid poop.

Ground care,
Our verges and grassed areas when cut are never done regularly or very well. The work on gas mains as also left some of these sites in a shabby condition. Some of us cut the grass ourselves and plant flowers and scrubs and generally maintain the area. Many front gardens are well maintained and a joy to see during the summer months. Could we campaign for a series of awards similar to Britain in Bloom to encourage those people who do look after the areas in front of their homes and those whose gardens are well maintained? So come on lets have the Newton Pride in your Neighbourhoods Awards NPNA. Let’s really try this time to make Newton a better place to live. You know it makes sense. I don’t want to see pictures of a candidate with arms folded at a litter grot spot claiming “more needs to be done” We know that! Please do it.

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