Sunday, 17 February 2008

An ASBO for Sandwell?

I have been thinking about my earlier post (The System 3 Residents 0 )and my concerns after our community forum meeting. One of the buildings referred to is a local authority project. If the revelations claimed are true and the planning laws are such that they can in effect get planning permission for a bungalow and then build a block of flats its time the law was changed in favour of the residents. If my local MP should by chance read this blog how about leading a campaign to get the law changed? There are a lot of votes over here in Newton on planning issues. In the meantime the behaviour of the developers is just as bad as any yob who whose behaviour affects peoples lives so I am awarding the first citizens ASBO to Sandwell MBC it’s officers and councillors.
I don’t suppose for one minute they will take the slightest bit of notice but I feel much better.

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