Monday, 18 February 2008

Local elections the thank you notes

It’s been a month since our bye election and the thank you notes are appearing through the letter box. First to show was the Lib dems with Focus 269 thanking us for voting and stressing they will continue to provide an all year round service and pushing their candidate in a subtle way for May election proper. Slight mistake, when they forgot to put in their voting numbers and had to pencil them in afterwards. Labour followed with a slick little thank you card from our new councillor. Dave is learning fast. Headline “Got a problem” Tell Dave and Shirley. What’s the betting it’s Hosell V Underhill in May? Dave’s card is really clever because he distances himself from Labour and pushes his name. That’s got to be a vote winner. Clever understates this card, brilliant is more like it. Who is writing his material these days? Saatchi & Saatchi or Alistair Campbell? Whoever it is is getting it right. Well done to team Hosell. If this is round one I’ll give it you on points.
I don’t expect to see any further correspondence from the Tories they don’t usually bother and the Greens, well, on their showing who cares?
I think if the standard of material produced for these thank you notes is repeated in May it will be a very close race. I better start re programming my guesstimometer. Will the Tories and Greens bother? I intend to do another Bonus and Banana Skins game about three weeks before Election Day.

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