Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Culture for kids.

The government announced plans today to introduce culture into the schools curriculum. When I was a kid this would have been frowned upon. We were lucky if we got to the kids matinee on a Saturday morning. My wife and I though always felt that culture was an important part of life and subsequently introduced our kids to many cultural activities. We have also tried to do the same with our grandchildren. For a birthday treat for us the whole family went to the opera in Birmingham. Eldest granddaughter age twelve grandson aged eleven, mom, dad and us. I took the time to research the synopsis and explain to them the story line. At the end of the show I enquired how they enjoyed it. Granddaughter- “don’t they take a long time to die in opera” grandson- “why couldn’t she have died in the second act and we could have all gone home early, great dinner though granddad”. We got a much more enthusiastic response after Fred Clause at Christmas. We clearly have a lot to do.

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