Sunday, 3 February 2008

Texting for dummies

I don’t speak the same language as my grandkids. They were born and brought up in Brum but they have developed a new language all of their own and their mates of course. I refer to the use of mobile phones and in particular the way that they text me. Hw R U is OK ,got it, no probs there but the text are now so complex I take longer to try to work out what they are saying than the message itself. This method if writing is now spreading to emails so I recognise I better learn it fast. I was just wondering if anyone had written a book on what these abbreviations were and what they meant. It might be a good project for me, should keep me quiet for a couple of years.
I’m no dummy when it comes to the use of new technology and in fact taught them their early skills in the use of computers. Now when I ask for help I get the “oh must I look” a quick run over the keyboard,if I’m lucky, and if I should dare to ask to show me again I get the impression I am some kind of sub being who should no better than to ask. Such is progress.
Se ya lt8r ad n al Where’s that dictionary texting for dummies by btbcbrmy?


Allie said...

Hi gb it l.e. if u wanna no wot its really lik 2 txt den read dis. d blog is gd but d txtin 4 dumies needs wk. try n rite summit lik dis den peeps will really undastand how teens n kidz really txt n tlk. u shud put summit on ur blog bout d u3a n get more peeps in it. luv l.e.

btbcbmy said...

T anks 4 d cmnt le I don’t know wot u is on about but I di a goog an am nt d ony 1
ill du a nuther pst on dis soon Luv gb

lola said...

hey dis is lola from usa n i dont no wat dey r talkin bout bcuz n my txtin we spell out a littl mor letters then u do but ill > som comments to each oder but hop 2 tlk 2 u soon luv am

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

T anks 4 d comt lola I cld jst ab8 undrstd it
Luv grd
we now have 5 ways in which we can talk let's try em all soon

lola said...

which r d 5 ways we can talk??? den when u tell me dem i will get to try dem all luv lola!!!

n y do u have to spell out d letters n d funky way everytime?????

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Phone land line
Mobile phone
hows dat n r u readin this AL Ad n nat

lola said...

hi i stayed home from school again tues. n i may stay home again wed. bcuz i have a sinus enfection n it makes me a littl dizzy but how r u n nan feelin???

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

We is felin btr can u try dis on mob fone now