Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The texting laureate

I got to thinking about texting and how a couple of my grandkids had used by blog in text format to communicate with me. If I could encourage the others to do the same it would be good. Unfortunately when I rang the eldest grandson yesterday he said “sorry grand I’m at a sleep over can’t talk bye” and put the phone down, it’s pretty clear where I stand in his order of priorities. Texting though seems to be the way to go. Being a bit of a poet I got to thinking about writing a poem in text just for them well here goes.

Texin 4 dumys this cld b fun
2 tlk 2 my grd daughters + grd son
They don’t spk English the way I do
But som of d lingo do come thru
D tings dey do keep dem on de go
To talk to der grd dad I don’t no
I no dey rite poems and they nt bad
So cum on u lot do a poem 4 grdad
In tex o corse hav yor say
Or nex time del be hel to pay

The first ever published poem in text! Or is it?


bob the black country brummie said...

Hi lola, I'm not going to publish your comment becasue it containted to much personal info. Good to hear your news. wot about the poem. luv grd b

LOLA:] said...

wat do u mean d poem im confused did i say somethin bout a poem???? well let me no!!!luv ya lola

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Hi lola d poem is in d blog rite it in tex doe
luv grd

LOLA:] said...

Txtin 4 dumys this could b fun
2 tlk 2 my grand daughters + grandson
They don’t speak Engli the way I do
But some of d lang. do come thru
D things dey do keep them on d go
To talk to ther grandad I don’t no
I no dey rite poems and they not bad
So come on u lot do a poem 4 grandad
In txt of coarse

luv lola

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thanks lola for the edited version of the poem. Can you give Oscar some coaching on using the blog. He gave a little to much info and yes I'll get nana to contact him.
luv grd

toots said...

Hi Oscar
This is from nan my nick name is Toots its great to hear from you I miss you and wish I was able to come and play on your Wii. Ive got my age down to 58 and with practice I could become a teenager again. Luv Toots

LOLA:] said...

hi bob ha ha ha!!! ill make sure to give oscar some coaching lol (laugh out loud)!!!!i luved d comment dat nan sent bout wishin to play d wii n b4 long she was goin to b a teenager lol!!!!!!! well ttyl (talk to ya later)!!!!!