Thursday, 7 February 2008

Dog poop the sequel

Last night was the regular meeting of our neighbourhood tasking forum. This is the platform where residents can bring concerns to our town coordinator, neighbourhood manager and the police. The forum covers all residents in our ward. These events are not usually well attended and last night was no exception. By the time it was over I was thoroughly depressed. Too many items still outstanding from last time and loads more genuine concerns to add to the list. My wife has a way of interjecting at crucial times with practical suggestions and ideas. Last night without warning she raised the dog poop issue and asked if we could display a warning notice on our property addressed to the dogs because clearly many of the owners cannot read. This humour was lost on most of the audience except the town coordinator who could see why and to his credit offered to look into it. A couple of years back I did a poem on similar lines which was published in our local free paper. The depths us amateur poets have stoop to get stuff published. Anyway I thought I would publish it again here, I hope you enjoy.

Dear Dogs,
Hello, Fred, Spot, Zoe and Rover,
are you a dog with an irresponsible owner?
Do you run free, bark and whoop?
does your owner have a poopa scoop?
I thought not because they don’t care
but to kids in the park it’s not very fair.
Your mess you see can make folks sick,
so could you please their conscience prick?
Next time you go for your walk in the park.
if they’ve got no scoop, please start to bark.
Or better still be a good dog,
stay at home and do it on the bog.

whuff whuff.

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