Friday, 29 February 2008

I’m hearing rumours.

With only two months to go before our local elections the parties are by now starting to choose their candidates. I’m hearing that labour have chosen the wife of our newly elected councillor to contest the seat on their behalf. This is another smart piece of thinking on behalf of the labour group because in Newton we have a history of voting for husband and wife teams and with the name being foremost in the minds of people, now our new councillor is finding his feet and getting things done it’s got to be a good choice. I know Shirley and I’m sure she will make an excellent councillor if she is elected. But will the electorate agree? And who will the other parties select to contest the seat? If they would like to email me I’d be delighted to publish it on my blog. I won’t hold my breath. We can I suppose expect to see some of the early leaflets Focus 270? Labour Rose, not the Tories they usually only put one out. I’ll perhaps give a write up on what I see as main issues concerning our ward with urgent next year and low priority ratings. The Hosells will no doubt have Saatchi and Saatchi or Alistair on the editorial team. I’ll write them for any of the candidates for an enormous fee.
Have laptop will travel. Will it be as I predicted earlier Hosell V Underhill?

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