Wednesday, 27 February 2008

I’ll retire to spend more time with my blog

When I retired some seven years ago I knew I wanted to do some voluntary work in and for my community but had no real idea what it was I wanted to do. Blogs of course were still in their infancy and I had never heard of them. I need not have worried though because once I started to get around and look for things to do the offers (that’s not quite the right word) came rolling in and very soon Pat & I were very busy. Since then I have had two new part time careers championing older people’s issues around West Brom and despite some health concerns for both of us we are still busier than ever and have no plans to change this situation. Being retired has allowed us to develop new interests and skills. Pat has become a very talented artist and I have been able to champion some of the wrongs that I see in the world about me. Things like the introduction of car parking charges for blue badge holders at our local hospital and of course cleaning up Sandwell. I have campaigned for better pensions for all, removal of the despised means tested benefit brought in by Gordon Brown and much more. When I came to write this bit I realised there was a long list of issues I have taken up over the course of that time. I suppose in some ways I have become a pain in the ass to some of our local service providers, our MP, some local councillors and council officers and I intend to continue to be that pain whenever they fail in their duty to our community. A classic example I suppose is our current campaign to get a clinic for Great Barr & Newton. Our PCT probably think we have gone away on this one but, Oh No We Haven’t.
My editor in chief, better known as my wife, sometimes reads the blog and although she still thinks I’m barking mad "talking to myself" largely approves.

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