Sunday, 24 February 2008

A bloggers view

From the window at my office from home which was my youngest daughters bedroom. I can see a green area which stretches across mine and five other properties. From my property boundary to the road it is council property and should be maintained by them. Over the years my wife and I have adopted the area in front of our home and in later years our neighbours have done the same, We collectively cut the grass and generally care for the site. When a tree died Sandwell did not have a budget to replace it and we replaced it with an oak I had nurtured from an acorn. We have planted shrubs, wild flowers and bulbs which make it a very pretty place throughout the year. This year the daffodils do not appear to be doing well but I was reminded of a few years ago when we had an exceptional crop that flowered just before Mothers day. When I went to look at the front garden on Mothering Sunday the whole lot had disappeared. Some Mom had a very special bunch of daffs that year. Our oak is now a strong sapling surrounded by orange crocus and I have to say since my doggy poster appeared on the hedge in front of my house not a doggy poop anywhere.
I wonder if we can get a council tax refund for cutting the grass, litter picking, sweeping the pavements etc.? I won’t hold my breath.


Bob Piper said...

It's called having pride in your own neighbourhood, and it was quite common when I were a lad. What a shame more people don't possess it instead of expecting 'the council' or someone else to do everything for them.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

thanks for the comment Bob it's good to know it's being read and I agree with your sentiments.