Thursday, 23 October 2008

200,000 needless deaths this winter

This was a featured news item on 6oclock news last night. Yesterday was the annual lobby of parliament by National Pensioners Convention and was one of the items on their list. I also watched Prime Ministers Questions at lunch time and I could not help but notice how uncomfortable he is answering questions that relate to pensioners. Judging by his answers and that of his new minister for energy old pensions minister Mike O’Brian (sorry Gerry) we aint getting a penny more and we can go and rot as far as they are concerned. Hot shot bankers are getting bailed out to the tune of millions and still getting bonuses in many cases but bottom end of the food chain pensioners tough. No change in government thinking there then. Ever since Brown started to tax pension schemes the process as been going on. His bail out schemes of the Pension Protection Scheme and Financial Assistance Scheme are failing pensioners as is the pension credit. I’m not sure what proportion of that 200000 will relate to Sandwell. Last year it was 350 needless deaths this year probably nearer twice that number. This is from a labour government proud of getting pensioners out of poverty.
On the brighter side our MP got some good publicity with the arrival of his new greener mini ministerial car. Puts it into perspective doesn’t it! I better go turn the heating down another notch to help pay for it and put on another jumper. I look like the Michelin Man with all these jumpers on.
Don’t let us ever forget Captain Marvels 75p increase when the country was supposedly doing well. What now when we are in the depths of recession? Tony Blair said they were listening I think this bloke is bloody deaf. I wonder if we could name and shame him every time a death was reported?

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