Saturday, 18 October 2008

Super who?

I watched Prime Minister Questions earlier this week when Harriet and William were sparing with each other. I think I prefer watching those two than old misery face. Anyway one of the Labour MP claimed she was sitting in Supermans chair. Obviously a planted remark as were the cheers etc that followed it. I’m thinking Lex Luther but what would a poor pensioner from Sandwell know eh. This scenario where he has suddenly become a hero is a bit like a little lad setting fire to his brothers bedroom forgetting to tell his Mom he started it but getting praise for calling the fire brigade. You have to have respect for the Labour spin machine turning this one into a success story is classic and having the cheek to compare him with Churchill. I can’t remember from my history but Churchill didn’t start the war did he? There was a big debate about pension annuities this week which again I thought was typical Brown. Pensioners come at the bottom of his list although if you have managed to keep your pension pot up until 75 you must be doing pretty well so I don’t think this in itself is a major issue. What is more important is how he is planning to protect all those pensioners whose pensions were stolen by his policies and are supported by PPF and FAS which do not have inflation increases. The whole system seems to have forgotten this very large group of pensioners.


Bob Piper said...

No, Churchill didn't start the war, and as far as I know Gordon Brown didn't cause the collapse of the US property market which is the direct cause of the current economic recession. Much as the Tories may try to blame him for that, and others jump on the bandwagon, they (and you) all have to admit that Brown's solution has earned worldwide admiration and is being copied everywhere.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

No, but his poor credit controls in this country and his poor financial regulations have contributed to the sad state we are in at the moment. I would be happier if he came clean and admitted his part in our mess although I will admit to some credit for trying to sort it out.