Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Another opportunity missed

The Public Gallery in West Brom is one of the most controversial buildings in our borough. Although the building itself as been open for some months now the money spinning part of it, the interactive gallery, is still not open. I have been an outspoken supporter of this project since its conception (well almost) but I feel let down by the fact that this week is half term and the gallery is still not open. We are taking our grandkids to a couple of workshops there and had hoped we could spend the morning in the gallery. We now have to start asking the difficult questions about the competence of the team leading this part of the project. Enough of the delays and soft promises,we need action now.
At a town committee meeting a verbal response to a question concerning the cost of hiring rooms in this facility suggested that hire charges would be affordable for voluntary and community groups. This is not the case and a commercial charge is being applied to all potential users. If this is incorrect then our cabinet member for urban form has a different idea of affordable to me. Difficult to see how we move forward with this project now because of its bad press and cost so far but something needs to be done without the leader of the Tories relentless whinging about it. My support is wavering.

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