Thursday, 30 October 2008

What a difference

I got to thinking about my earlier post “Another first for Bob’s Blog” and the difference a labour councillor is having on our patch. I don’t think it’s necessarily a political thing any party would have done but what we needed was a different party and that’s what we got. The improvements may be due to a lot of reasons and I suppose for me I have had more to do with Cllr. Hosell than the other councillors so I have seen first hand how it works. I have to ask the question if he can get things done why have our councillors for years been happy to keep on blaming the council for not doing things. There are probably several things going on here. The new guy is very enthusiastic and wants to make a difference and get re-elected in a couple of year’s time. The existing members are thinking we better get going and start doing stuff. All round a win win for Newton. Our worst grot spot is still largely clean. No more pictures of Councillor “more needs to be done” with his arms folded at this site. Two issues here, one is that Cllr. Hosell’s walkabouts are highlighting problems but many of the people who were causing this mess are being moved out as part of the clearance work on what we know as the Durham estate.
This brings me back to my earlier comment that our Liberals are good at publishing and delivering regularly their Focus newsletter and Cllr. Hosell seems good at getting things done but lousy at publicising what he has done. My prediction for the next local elections a Liberal win by a mile.
What we need to see now in Newton is some real investment and some genuine action on things like our request for traffic lights and road improvements to Newton Road without being tied to schemes like Red Routes.
So there’s a challenge. Perhaps I’ll do a list of capital projects needed in our ward but perhaps you might like to tell us on this blog what your priorities are?


margaret macklin said...

BobBob I had a lot of respect for Cllr Howsell before he got elected. Its so nice to see somebody locally who doesn’t just drift in ,sit there and say nothing and then not seem to actually understand the issues or what went on. Let alone do out about it (I would refer you to the Q3 swimming pool issue raised at the last Great Barr forum meeting!!!!!).Having said that it is easier for someone who has the force of the ruling party to get things done. There are some of Cllr Howsells colleagues including M.P.who will only agree to things that a labour councillor has proposed. The lib dems are a tiny proportion of the council and cant realistically push anything.Again respect where it is due MRS and I underline the MRS Underhill is of the same ilk as Howsell. Does that mean to say then that people should only vote for a labour candidate? Of course not the conservatives are the largest opposition party and have the real weight of opposition. And you never know they may have the weight of an M.P soon!!
I would like to say something about telling people how good we are also. We are brought up not to blow our own trumpet and I guess Howsell relies on people like you to tell us what he’s doing at t’ council (but don’t believe the stuff on the net coz its often wrong!).I find the lib dems often find out what someone else has done, stand next to it and put it out in their local stories paper as what they have been doing for years!!!!! You are often critical of Cllr Ward and yet my experience is that he does more at the council than all the affore mentioned. Should he be putting out a paper regularly saying that hes the one that has consistently opposed the waste of council tax payers money on the Public(amongst a million other things)?. I notice the local MP has taken a leaf out of his book and is opposing the advertising thingy-cant wait to read his self promoting thing in the observer. Perhaps all local cllrs should have a slot in the local paper!!

Bob Piper said...

He's a bloody good councillor and deserves all the respect he gets.