Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Blogging irregularly

You may have noticed my posts have been a little less prolific these last few days Well this is because I have sort of been challenged by a close friend to enter a Autumn writing competition being organised by West Brom Library. I’m not so happy with the way our library service organise competitions because last year they had an art competition which failed miserably letting down some artists me included who had excellent entries. But I’m up for this one and giving it a lot of thought. The categories are, words & pictures, poems, short stories with an autumn theme. I’m thinking of entering a poem in picture form for category one and I have a short story which is nagging at my fingers to be written. So my with my other commitments I’m falling behind with a few things and getting stroppy according to the editor in chief. I blamed the pills. Perhaps nearer the time I’ll publish the poem on the blog but Poetry Wednesbury will of course get to hear it. It’s a cracker.

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