Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Confused dot Bob

Let me try and put the current state of our economy into some kind of perspective (for me that is). Borrowing from the banks with no real collateral causes a credit crunch which quickly spreads across the world and starts a recession. Banks have to be bailed out to the tune of £trillions whatever those numbers mean. Along comes our beloved PM who has allowed our economy to function on unrealistic credit for 11 years and calmly tells us that what we need to do now under his expert stewardship is to borrow more to allow us to spend our way out of recession. Now excuse me for appearing a little old fashioned but if you can’t afford to pay it back you should not borrow money and as far as I can see UK PLC can’t afford to pay back its existing debt let alone take on more. My grandchildren will eventually have to pay this back from increased taxes long after Brown and Co are history. How can he and his lackeys have the audacity to tell us that it is the right thing to do? All my instincts tell me to batten down the hatches, reduce debt and save. Today we heard about massive profits from BP, our PM although he feels the reduction in oil prices should be reflected at the pump he is not actually going to do anything about it. Although massive bail outs of banks have not yet stopped the run on the stock markets he was quoted again today in the same old way of how pensioners are to be treated. Tough, you lot take your £250 per household and get on with it you aint getting a penny more. You may have fooled some of the folks Gordon but us old uns aint so daft. Your measures to help poorer families and the more vulnerable in our society fall far short. I was not clear why he entered the row about Ross & Co when there were clearly far more important issues affecting the country. We all know that Ross and & Co are a bunch of overpaid piss takers who should be taken off the air but we all have choice in this country it’s called “switch off” which is exactly what I do when the mention of his program appears on Friday evenings.
I suppose Gordon is taking the best advice from Bank of England and the treasury on what he should do but aren’t these the very people who got us into this mess in the first place? The only politician recently who talked sense on this issue was Vince Cable. Now Gordon how about inviting him onto the team?

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