Friday, 10 October 2008

Shock, get me a chair, moments

We all have them don’t we? those little moments when things are just better than expected. I had a couple recently which although not earth shattering I have commented on the down side on the blog. I went into the bank the other day. Knowing there is always a queue I left plenty of time. I was putting money in which these days I think we should have a special lane but anyway no queue and there was two tellers just waiting for me. I’m not telling which branch because it will cause a rush on the bank. I asked for a chair but sadly they never understood the joke. The second moment was my friend the Prime Minister who must have been reading the blog because last night he was being interviewed on a train for BBC news and he mentioned pensions and pensioners. Although he never actually said how he was going to protect us from the economic storm ahead. I definitely needed a lie down after that. Perhaps it's got something to do with the new cabinet enforcers "The Sandwell Two" ? nah

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