Monday, 20 October 2008


You need to be of a certain age to understand this post. Well to be honest old. After my last post and the references to our leader as Superman I got to thinking. After the box office success of Superman back in the forties it spurned some other super heroes who inspired me as a kid well into the fifties. One such character whose sole aim in life was saving the world was Captain Marvel. I used to buy the comic every week from my earnings as a paper boy. Captain M had a word he shouted when he wanted to change to his super hero role which was SHAZAM and poof he turned into a lycra clad hero with cape and helmet who could flew around the world saving the planet. I think Gordon fits in better with Captain Marvel because he uses the term Billions of Pounds before turning into his world saving outfit and jetting off to where ever to save us from, now let me think, who was responsible for this recession over here? Why none other than himself. SHAZAM! don’t panic Gord I’m on my way!


sean gould said...

i know what u mean i have some shazam /captain marvel in my collection

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

It's a better fit for old grumpy than superman. Could you bring a Capt Marvel comis to next poetry Wednesbury Intl?

sean gould said...

the one i got is a magazine as part of my comic book hero model collection
its got all u need to know about him
ill bring it with me next week