Friday, 17 October 2008

Rush Hour

I don’t usually do rush hour. Being retired I prefer to wait until the streets are aired before venturing out into the big bad world. Yesterday the wife and I had to attend a conference some 50 miles away which required an early start for us and we were caught in the rush hour traffic. For the last few years before retirement I worked in West Brom and despite its many faults traffic problems are not one of them. The missus and I got to talking about how it came to be known as rush hour because yesterday nobody was rushing anywhere. It reminded me of a picture the missus had painted in what I called her contemporary period. Picture courtesy Mrs BBCB. The number of lanes portrayed suggest her inspiration was probably drawn from our American trips experiences.
Perhaps I ought to write a poem for each of her works of art. The trouble is she paints em quicker than I write and the subject matter does not necessarily inspire me.

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