Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Insomniatic rant

I’m at the stage in my treatment cycle when I have to increase the dose of steroids which as the side effect of keeping me awake. So this morning I am suffering from a serious dose of sleep deprivation. I have some sleeping pills but they can affect you for most of the following day so I’m reluctant to take them when I know I want to drive later. I’ll catch a nap before driving today.
But first the proud granddad bit. My two English grandkids were awarded their black belts by their Karate association on Sunday. Having been privileged to witness the grading I know why this belt is so coveted. Well done Hippy & Freddy.
Yesterday the consultant told me if I wanted to visit the states now would be a good time. The currency market this morning tells me the £/ dollar has slipped to a five year low so I can’t afford to go.
Good news is that oil prices continue to fall and subsequently petrol prices have been falling albeit miserly pennies per ltr. Come on Capt Marvel (Gordon Brown) stop dithering now would be a good time to steal Cameron’s fuel regulator idea. Bring the break even point at say 98p per ltr and have a two pence each side tolerance. I know it’s not that simple because prices vary so much across the country and location sites but the principle is simple and surely our new business sec could work something out. To my mind this would achieve what you want in keeping petrol prices high and hence less dependency on cars but it would also give some stability to the market and help to reduce further inflationary pressures.
The governor of the bank of England has been suggesting this week that gas prices could fall by as much as 100 quid by Christmas am I dreaming?
My grammar software is telling me that the above sentence should read “100 quid by Christmas is I dreaming?” I think I better go back to bed.


Bob Piper said...

"...stop dithering now would be a good time to steal Cameron’s fuel regulator idea."

Oh dear... it was revealed yesterday that the Tory fuel tax regulator would mean garages having to RAISE prices. Just goes to show that sometimes you need a clear head and not just a bandwagon to jump on.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

OK Bob but weren’t you the one who was claiming cheap fuel was a thing of the past? I think it is better to have stability with prices at this time than the rapid fluctuations we are likely to see. Just because it’s a Tory idea doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad one.

Bob Piper said...

Bob... cheap fuel is a thing of the past. You pensioners must be doing bloody good if you think a pound a litre is cheap!