Saturday, 25 October 2008

Another first for Bob’s Blog?

I met up with our hard working Councillor Dave Hosell yesterday and was he feeling pleased with himself. One of the perennial problems along the Newton Road which borders our patch is blocked gullies which cause flooding whenever there in any significant rainfall. Although the gullies themselves are mostly not on Dave’s patch he had volunteered to get them cleared along with a litter hot spot near a busy local pub. These issues had been long standing items from community forum meetings, from neighbourhood tasking meetings and from neighbourhood watch. So it was refreshing to see a councillor actually volunteering to take it up. He now has confirmation from the Drainage Manager that all the Gullies on Newton Road, Queslett Road and Birmingham Road have now been cleansed. The litter from the pub is cleared and a notorious litter grot spot is also clean and staying clean. Again a Hosell monitoring exercise on one of Dave’s walkabouts. So, it’s a well done councillor and about time we had this kind of enthusiasm on the patch. Keep it up. But David please tell me why you are not shouting your achievements from the rooftops why are you not telling the constituents in a newsletter? Your opponents seem to be doing much less yet sending around the Focus on a regular basis. Let’s have a newsletter please.

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