Monday, 18 May 2009

Clinic/ Community forum

I went along to the community forum last week. I missed a couple of meetings but I knew the messenger from our PCT had been invited and I wanted an update for our clinic campaign. Well surprise surprise he sent an apology with a brief report that told us nothing new but reading between the lines everything. I think it’s appalling the way they are treating the people of our area. We are after all their customers. Two meetings are to take place, a feasibility meeting on using our preferred option of the Tanhouse Community Centre and a meeting with all the Doctors from our area. Without patient/local political involvement both of these meetings can be manipulated to give biased results. A discussion is also going on with neighbouring PCT re their plans to build a clinic in the Aston/Handsworth area. This option is what we believe to be the preferred one by Sandwell PCT because it moves the problem across the border and gets rid of the 3years late position which our facility now is. It must not be allowed to happen. We want a patient & local political presence at all meetings and reassurances that the local clinic funded and run by Sandwell is the preferred choice. The Chair of Sandwell PCT is to be invited to next meeting. In the meantime we need to keep the pressure on. Time I think to start planning for stage two of our campaign.
Interesting footnote. The leader of the Tories commented that in his ward at Yew Tree a clinic had been built and was now operational and it had happened whilst ours was still being talked about.


margaret macklin said...

Think you must have been confused about comment by Cllr Ward.Yew Tree is in Great Barr ward(!!?) not Charlemont.I know this coz I used to have my surgery there.Anyroad the point is that Yew Tree attracts all sorts of monies because it is supposedly an area of great deprivation.Personally i have long believed that the only real deprivation in this country is aged ladies living alone in private houses-especially those who dont complain!But realistically should access to health care have anything to do with how rich or poor our area is?Or about where the boundaries are(as discussed in that meeting)

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I think it's Great Barr with Yew Tree. Point is though Margaret they have a ncie new clinic which is right on the border with Walsall. Unless we keepthe pressure on our clinic will not happen in Great Barr/ newton.
Thanks for the comment. If would like to take part in the next stage of protest let me know and I'll email you details. Don't want to publish too much detail yet.

Anonymous said...

Yes sure anything I can do to improve GREAT BARR.Let me know-Landline still out but am just about to receive a fifty quid appology (so I'm told)from BT so normal service resumed in June.Will need medical centre for high blood pressure soon.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

OK good to have you on board. Let me have email address I wont publish it but ust it to let you know dates times etc.