Friday, 29 May 2009

I’ve been doing some reminiscing on the blog.

It must have been my post on the big birthday of youngest daughter and the fact I seem to be writing to myself mostly these days. I write when the mood takes but often these days in the early hours of the morning because one of the side effects of drugs I’m taking to keep me alive is sleep disruption. It’s not easy living life in six weeks blocks as I have to these days. Visits to the consultant can often mean a dramatic change to what you had planned but I’m pleased to say the last couple of times things have been progressing well and BBCB has much better prognosis these days than at the start of the year. Eventually though I suppose I will have to come to using a wheel chair or other devise to help me get around. It’s very common to see these scooter type chairs in shopping malls etc. I personally hate em and having had to use the wheel chair on a couple of occasions I’m not to plussed with that option either. They are very hard work on the arms and shoulders. I’ve been a cyclist since I was a kid and although I can’t ride the bike anymore I wonder if an electric version which I could probably still ride would be as acceptable as a disabled scooter. I very much doubt it. I’m seriously looking at the possibility of doing just that.

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Fat Prophet said...

Hi Bob,
Pleased to see you managed to get the flag counter up and running - somebody is obviously reading the blog from the numbers showing there