Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Garden update.

I’ve commented before on the state of the grassed areas on our estates and others in Sandwell. We have three, two of which are cut by the council and ours which is cut by myself and a couple of neighbours. This last week the council did their bit, and what a mess with grass lumps left everywhere. They never attempt to touch our patch and I have concerns about this because of my health I may not be able to continue to do it for much longer. My neighbours and I did our patch a few days after and what a difference. It looks like a lawn which of course it is with lines in the grass. So tidy with all the cuttings put in the green bins for recycling. I suppose I view it with a mixture of pride and disappointment. Pride that a small proportion of us have taken ownership of this and look after it and disappointment that the rest is, well, so scruffy. I can’t help feeling that with a little out of the box thinking our council could leave the sites tidier without adding to the cost. Birmingham do it just over the border from our ward.

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margaret macklin said...

Bob theres an item on Chat Sandwell about grass cutters-apparently we should move to Tipton.Margaret Macklin