Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Euro elections & such

Leaflets are just starting to come through the post. First off the blocks were BNP telling me people like me are voting BNP. I don’t think so. This was followed by UKIP whose logic for getting out of Europe fails me if they are seeking election to its parliament. The quality of these publications though is first class they must have a big budget to do it. I wonder how many of these would be MEPs are genuinely interested in how they would represent me if elected. The Tories took a different line with a poor quality leaflet telling me it was delivered by local Tories at no cost to the tax payer. I remember the last local elections when their message on polling day was an urgent message from my neighbour, what a load of tosh that was, Except for a couple of poor quality leaflets I don’t think I’ve heard from our members since the last election. Proportional representation clouds the issue for me. It makes it difficult if you decide to tactically vote to decide how best to send the message to Gordon that things ain’t going well mate and it’s time you jacked it in so that the party can re group for next year. Put our pensions injustices right first though. You know it makes sense.
More on Euro elections later, this could be a half interesting topic this year with no local elections in Sandwell. Perhaps I’ll try and find the biggest porky (porky pie, lie) not to be confused with current noses in trough debacle. I fear that with the current outcry over MPs expenses small far left or right parties will do well in the backlash. This can only be bad news for everyone except their biased leadership. It will not help the political process and will harm our rating in Europe.
Leader of UKIP on the Politics Show claimed a vote for them would help get rid of Brown? Now there’s a thought! I’d like to think though that there was some way of getting the pensions position sorted before he is forced to quit because I can’t see how else we are going to get any justice. I asked my MP to let me have a face to face with Brown but that never made first base. Can’t have subversive old nut like me down there at No10 now can we? What would I know about pensions and pensioners problems?

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margaret macklin said...

An appology from me(one of those local people delivering the leaflettes).I delivered mine last November and events since then have made this european elaction a totally different kettle of fish!I am always really worried by how big the areas that European elections cover.I'm sitting here in Sutton amongst the same candidates leaflettes as at home in Great Barr.Local council candidates cover about 10thousand households and MP loads more than that.No surgeries help by EMP s(even in resturants!!)-how can they possibly have an idea of what the majority want from them?