Saturday, 30 May 2009

Euro elections.

I got my postal vote ballot papers last week. Glancing through I see we have 12 parties in which to choose. Of these each has a list of candidates which the final representatives will be chosen from depending on the proportion of votes they get. On further investigation I see that only three of the possible representatives are actually known to me. Two Labour candidates and a Lib Dem.
Liz Lynne for the Liberal Democrats and that is because they sometimes add a piece about her when they have nothing else to say in their Focus newsletters usually she’s got a hand into something recyclable. This time she’s pictured with Vince Cable who I think has talked more sense about the economy than all of Brown and Cameron’s lot put together. Michael Cashman & Neena Gill for the Labour party have made an effort to make themselves known to the electorate but I can’t say I’m impressed with either. The last local labour newsletter back page was an insult to the people of Newton. The other candidates could be a bunch of Disney characters as far as I’m concerned. Some interesting quotes on what the parties stand for: - Greens- Say No to Racism, what’s that all about? BNP – Protecting British Jobs, does anyone believe that?
I feel awfully sad in a way that I have to choose to vote tactically this time it’s not natural territory for me and I can’t help but think just how undemocratic the European parliament is. It’s never going to represent me only add to my tax bill. I’m not voting out of spite but because I firmly believe that Gordon is never going to face up to his responsibilities over pensions and pensioners and we are going to continue to see the now boring rhetoric of how many they have taken out of poverty. When they recognise that there is no difference between a failed bank and a failed pension scheme we might start to have a proper dialogue. I do hope that my peers do not decide to vote BNP in the way they did in some parts of Sandwell a couple of years back to make a protest vote. That did not help anyone just clouded the issues. So who’s it going to be Bob? I’m warming to Liberals but there’s plenty of time. Who knows Gordon might wake up one morning and think “why haven’t I treated our pensioners fairly? I must do something about that very urgently” He might even sack his sec of state for being just as complaisant to his scam. Oh dear I’m really into fantasy land again. I better go look to see if I can see those flying pigs again or the men in white coats. Aaaaaaaaaaah

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