Sunday, 3 May 2009

Our clinic, a sort of update

I did the rounds of our political surgeries this week just to get an update on where we were and to keep the pressure on. Labour came first with Cllr. Hosell who I knew the position with but did his surgery anyway. I had to wait in line a very busy surgery. Second came Liberals no queue here but a bit more info and they are still very much on board. Saturday saw a small deputation of us attend our MP’s surgery. He wasn’t there (cabinet office duties related to swine flue, sounds a bit Reggie Perin) but his deputies assured us he is very supportive of getting the clinic at Tanhouse and they would ask him to support the actions we outlined. I’m sure this will happen. At the moment I don’t want to report anymore on action we think we need to take. Let’s wait and see.
I never thought I would have to spend my retirement fighting my local PCT on a basic issue such as this. If all PCTs up and down the country are run like this one it’s about time the dept of health took a fresh look at how local health care is managed.

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