Thursday, 14 May 2009

Not fit to govern

Bring back Oliver Cromwell. I was appalled by the attitude of senior Tories who were named and shamed this week. As this shameful debacle unfolds their attitude to parliament and constituents leaves me convinced the Tories are not fit to govern but then neither are labour at the moment and now we know the Lib dems are not squeaky clean. When you examine the party leaders though I am warming to Cameron who I think acted very positively in telling them pay up or go. If you compare him with Browns dithering and Cleggs skirting around the issue I thing Cameron wins outright. I need to have a lie down! Me praising a Tory as never before been heard of. The worst offender thought was Hogg with a name like that it was not difficult to visualise him with his nose in the trough. I think Cameron should fire him whatever he agrees to pay back and Brown should fire Smith and Blears.
As an electorate we have another consideration when we cast our votes next year and that is “was this person involved in the expenses fiddle?” I don’t feel like voting for any candidate who was and had the brass cheek to seek re-election next time. We need a completely new parliament as well as the new rules on expenses. I’m looking forward to see how many MPs actually pay back a penny. But when I think about arrogant members such as Peter Haine who said he had to make sure the Financial Assistance Scheme for people who had lost pensions was value for money for the tax payer my blood boils. Whatever happens now surely even Brown must realise that on the back of this lot he must put right the injustices of the Pension Protection Fund and Financial Assistance Scheme. Because MPs are not value for money neither is he and pensioners are.
Other outstanding issues concern Fred Goodwin who still hasn’t paid back a penny and another of his failed team at RBS has just left with a whopping £500000 pension. Are you taking the p**s?

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