Friday, 15 May 2009

Hospital branding.

Our local hospital trust who are about to start a build program for a new hospital are spending a small fortune on consultants and consultation exercises to establish a brand identity for the new hospital. Best current thinking is the phrase “where everyone matters”. Don’t quite work for me. I picked the misses up after the event and to say she was spitting teeth about what went on would be ever so slightly understating the case. Most expensive venue in West Brom, expensive buffet supplier. Poor PA quality. Best piece of rhetoric apparently came from a member of the team who claimed that when an emergency ambulance came to pick you up you have a choice of which hospital to go to. With my problems before Christmas the misses is perhaps the best person in West Brom to know the ropes on that one. If we had a choice it’s not much of one when you look at the performance of local hospital trusts. Good Hope, No hope as it is known locally. City Hospital where you risk being shot or stabbed in the waiting room. Walsall Manor, not if I can help it! QE too far to travel.
They are right though the service is in need of re-branding but it must come from word of mouth by patients who are delighted with the service they have received. My experiences with Sandwell Hospital are mostly very positive except perhaps with A&E who lack direction at times. Even when in pain and suffering you are still able to asses what is going on around you. My first stab at a slogan is :- Exceptional health care from caring people.

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