Monday, 11 May 2009

MP’s expenses.

I think a “Dear Gordon” post is long overdue but for the moment I’m going to register my disgust at what is now coming out in the press from by the sound of things all parties. They haven’t got to our MP’s level yet and I’m sure he will be whiter than white. I think what makes me so mad is their appalling attitude to pensioners who are living on less than some of their minor claims and the governments stock answer to those who lost pensions because of Brown policies and the continuing under funding of PPF and FAS (by the way the highest proportion of these live in the West Mids).
“We did nothing wrong” “it was only a porno video the old man watched while I was away” “I’m ever so sorry I’ll pay it back” “whoops sorry about my overpayment for council tax” don’t work for me. When I had an expense account and even now when I claim expenses for something I’m involved with I take care to make sure the expense is accurate, justified and allowed. My bosses always had to sign off expenses but down there it seems that anything goes. I can image what is going on. Going down to London on the train “what can I claim for this week end? I know that barbeque is a bit rusty I’ll get a new one on the second home exes, now what else etc etc. It stinks. Only a couple of em so far revealed is considering legal action so I guess most of revelations are true. I don’t feel so bad about Gordo’s first You tube cringe level 9 at least he knew what was coming out and tried to do something about it.
Get em a block of old council flats, tidy em up a bit (can’t have our MP’s living in squalor bad enough pensioners still having to live in it) and lay on a bus service to Westminster similar to services provided at airports I say. I have no objection to genuine expenses being claimed but this lot must do a training course on “how to get the most from your expenses claim” when they get sworn in.
When we have a real crisis in the world which requires leadership of the highest calibre we get our lot preoccupied with their own personal greed. How can we have any confidence in our parliament?

Disgusted pensioner name and address supplied.

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