Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The pee problem

This raised its ugly head again at the week end when I was caught short in Currys in Sutton Coldfield. Another of my stores to name and shame. There’s a lot of them and the list is growing. I can’t understand why these days we could not legislate so that stores of that size have to provide facilities of that type.
Anyway because of the circumstance I was forced to use a corner behind my car door. A lady who was looking for a parking space saw me and although I was very properly covered she could ascertain what I was doing. The look generated on her face said it all; I was filth of the week. Well by the time I was finished she and her car had disappeared and perhaps this was just as well because I was in no mood to take prisoners.
The missus though has come up with one of her brilliant ideas which we are running by NHS on a scheme which could help to solve some of this problem because it does not just affect older people. It is very wide spread, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and about fifty medical conditions and drug side effects which can all give suffers problems at some time.
So to the snotty cow in Sutton “up yours” and I won’t be using Currys in fact I bought the item I was looking for at Currys in Wednesbury which does have a loo.
This might be one of those items David Cameron is suggesting the public could take up with parliament. Mind you by the time it will take to get it on the statute book I’ll be completely incontinent. Once the expenses issue as died down I might get a local MP offering to sponsor a private members bill. Now that would be good news.


Gerry said...

You could take a bottle with you
Bob, but don,t have one with too
narrow a neck or it could be very


margaret macklin said...

Its not long since i saw a "lady" taking a pee on the central reservation at the Scotts.The need to pee ,like the need to sleep are our true human rights.Would you be tempted to take up Camerons offer to fight it yourself in Parlementas amn M.P.?

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I would love to have a go at Cameron suggestion of doing it myself in the house of commons.
Are you still on for clinic protest I need to get out info so please send me email address I wont publish it.