Saturday, 9 May 2009

Naughty naughty

I was out and about with my camera yesterday. Not that I wanted to be but I was abandoned in West Brom by the misses and had to take the bus back home. The bus stops near a speed camera which is just over the brow of a hill and very poorly sign posted. Unless you know it’s there and take care, more than likely you’ll get caught.
The wag who did this to the camera though is worthy of some mention. I’m trying not to smile here. OK I’m not trying very hard. I know it’s an offence but no real damage done to the camera and he could have thrown the box on the floor like a lot of folks around that bus stop. I wonder how long before it gets removed? I’ll keep an eye out. This might start a national campaign “Litter Louts Against Speed Cameras” LLASC. The picture says it all. What ingenuity. I’m not sure who’s side I’m on here but I’m still smiling.

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