Saturday, 31 May 2008

Bob the Black Country Brummie BM

No I haven’t been given a gong or gone up in the world. The wife’s been reading the blog. I mentioned in passing my post “Dear Gordon” and said that I was thinking of making it a regular feature, perhaps once a week. A friend of mine had telephoned this morning to say how she enjoyed the recent blogs (thank you Gerry) especially the contributions from Bob Piper. So I have decided it’s a goer and Dear Gordon will happen. The BM is of course Barking Mad which Pat thinks I am anyway, for talking to myself on the internet let alone talking to our PM, who doesn’t listen to his ministers, so my little spot as no chance. But it’s my hobby I insisted and it keeps me out of trouble. Maybe that’s not perhaps totally accurate either because I seem to have upset my MP,some of our local councillors and council officials and judging by some of the telephone calls I get I’m not entirely talking to myself. I do wish my readership would comment more on the blog but I do appreciate your calls. BBCB

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