Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Dish the dirt

You know how it is when an appliance breaks down, you suddenly can’t live without it. I have been called the bloggers Victor. Well I’m at it again. Our dishwasher recently gave up on us after not to distinguished a career. No not me, the machine. So off we went to our favourite electrical store to replace it. A replacement was quickly chosen and delivery agreed. The store was excellent in getting it to us on time and I fitted it with a little help from a mate. Then things started to go down hill. The machine did not work. No problem I thought I’ll get an engineer, can’t be much of a problem. Press 1 for service press 2 for spares press 3 to pick your nose etc etc, you're in queue, your call is valuable to us so listen to our crappy music for awhile. Do these modern call centres really annoy you? Eventually the engineer man arrives runs is test program tells us we is knutty there’s nought wrong with machine and wants to charge us. Off he trotts, without payment, in his little van. The following morning machine not working. Back to store get replacement. This is now working. Moral of this tale is I won’t be recommending anyone to buy a Whirlpool dishwasher.

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