Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Litta re-cycling

I was sitting in my bedroom office looking out at the green space in front of my house. My neighbours and I had cut the grass, the trees were starting to come into blossom and after weeding and planting our little bed of bushes I was well pleased. Dog mess is a thing of the past and there was not a jot of litter anywhere to be seen. I then got to thinking about some of the other green sites locally that the council are supposed to maintain. One is constantly littered with beer cans and bottles and some of the others rarely get cut and when they are the mess left is a disgrace. We get the occasional crisp packet or chocolate wrapper and sometimes a drink can. When we do get litter it comes from the green boxes when they are emptied every Friday morning. I can guarantee it, they turn upside down the green box and anything left inside is left on the grass. This in itself is annoying but they leave all the green boxes from my neighbours in the same spot. Can recycling operatives be given fixed penalty notices? and if so do they get one for each piece of litter?

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