Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Phew its hard work keeping up with my grandkids

Back from a very enjoyable long week end with our grandkids up at Centre Parcs in Cumbria. We see quite a lot of them but it’s so much more fun when you have them all day. They are a competitive family so there is always some degree of competitiveness in all their activities. No good us old uns trying to compete on this level but the pub quiz, pool and crown green bowls we can still give them a run for their money. Little grandson with a bit of coaching from granddad soon got the idea of turning the wood so that it dropped close to the target. His comment must be quote of the holiday. The boys are winning 4-3 to the OAPs with the girls failing miserably on 1. Whoever wins this end he proclaims is the winner because if we win we win and if you win you have to play the girls and anybody can beat them. Unfortunately we ran out of time at 4-4 and had to call it a draw. Don’t think Mum and big sister was too pleased.

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