Friday, 9 May 2008

yummy mummy

Youngest grandson is just like his granddad in that he has a sweet tooth. Ask him what he would like to eat and he will invariably say chocolate cake. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever, he’s always up for cake. He is a tall lad for his age I mention that because it explains what happened next. I think it was his third birthday and we were over in the states to help him celebrate. I told you I’m up for cake anytime. His Mum had made him a splendid cake and left it on the kitchen unit during the evening before his birthday and after he had been put to bed. The following morning I’m lying in bed thinking it’s time to get up when I hear a bump. I get up to investigate and find grandson sitting on the floor surrounded by his birthday cake and eating furiously. He could just reach the counter top and had pulled the cake down on top of him. As I said I’m up a piece of cake and I’m sitting on the floor just about to join the impromptu feast when big sister walks in. She looks at us two and exclaims “you two are so grounded I’m telling mum” Mum enters, with not a lot of cake left to salvage she had to see the funny side of it. Granddad however was in trouble for aiding and abetting. Well you’re only old once! But don’t you just hate it when the grandkids rat on you. Grrr.

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