Friday, 2 May 2008

Oh dear did I get it wrong!

Pete the West Brom Blogger commented this morning that the wheels came of my Guesstimometer, yes, but we did it in style and what a cock up. He’s right of course, it’s back to the drawing board for that little algorism. Congratulations to Joyce on what appears to be a big vote of confidence in her. I would like to have a dialogue with them, I’d like to say better dialogue but that’s never been possible. I suppose they will take this as a vote of confidence and carry on as before which in my opinion is bad news for Newton. I was appalled watching the election program last night at the arrogance of the Labour cabinet ministers on the panel. In my view not only are they not listening, they do not think we have a crisis and if we do it’s not their fault. The view seems to be that pretty much all MPs think Brown’s the man for the job and it’ll all be for the best. Can I make a suggestion for all local branches of the labour party up and down the country; they debate the following motion at their most mortem meeting:- That this branch call upon our MP (enter name) at the earliest possible opportunity call upon the parliamentary party to start the process to elect a new leader.

That’s enough politics. I’ve had a complaint or to be accurate several concerning the blog getting to political. Well I’m listening and in future I will return to the “more interesting stuff” as one complainant put it with I hope some input from my grandkids.

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