Monday, 5 May 2008

Kids say the most bizarre things

The other evening I asked my two English Grandchildren what they wanted to do when they grew up. Previously my granddaughter wanted to be a speedway rider and the grandson famous. This time granddaughter said she was going to wait until the very last minute after completing her PhD (she’s 13) before deciding what she wanted to be. Nothing wrong with aiming high I thought. The minister for education would be delighted with that reply. Grandson (11) in his usual bubbly chatty way said “I want to dominate the world” he’s been watching too much tele I thought but then he went on to explain how he would divide it up. What country would you like he asked his sister: America she said. Good choice he said. It became apparent he intended to include all the family in sharing out the world. Italy was going to Nan Pat, because she liked it, Switzerland to his other Nan for the same reason. Granddad Bob was getting the Falkland Islands because they are out of the way. I know my place and where I fit in this pecking order. The remainder of the family and extended family got varying bequests which lead me to believe if he has been watching too much tele is geography is excellent. I’m not saying who got Zimbabwe because it might incriminate me. I think I preferred him just wanting to be famous.

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