Thursday, 29 May 2008

Dear Gordon plus one

Following my Dear Gordon post yesterday I received a comment from Sandwell Councillor Bob Piper. I get very few comments and usually I am prepared to publish unless of course it is offensive. In this case though I have to make an exception. The comment in my view contained inaccuracies which were probably typo errors but nevertheless inaccurate. The starting rate for £120 refund as I understand it depends on your marital status and is in the region of £12000 for a single parent and £9500 for a married earner. Of course I would not expect someone on a salary of £40000 to be given a refund of £120 and shame on you for suggesting it. The other issues you mention for older people are crumbs from the table and the Xmas bonus is £10 which as remained the same since Maggie introduced it. The reference to pensioners being given help with insulation etc is quite true but in his first budget Alistair Darling cut the funding for this scheme.
Bob if you would like to correct the errors I will be glad to publish your complaint.
I think I might make these Dear Gordon letters a regular feature. Seems I hit a tender spot.


Bob Piper said...

Bob, I don't save the comments, so I cannot repeat them. My view is if there were typos, so what? I don't claim to be Mavis beacon trained.

My view stands: you only look at the downside case, and ignore the positives. The winter fuel allowances (introduced by Gordon Brown) and the universal bus passes are not 'crumbs from the table' they represent substantial additional expenditure by the government over the Thatcher/Major regimes.

The Government has rightly concentrated on reducing pensioner poverty amongst the most needy pensioners as its priority. Nearly 3 million pensioners in 'absolute pensioner poverty' in '97, and less than a million now.

Still loads more to do, but if the result of people calling for an end to Gordon Brown means you will be relying on David Cameron to improve your lot, then so be it.

Incidentally, on tax, I was quoting from the Times which said ALL tax payers who earned less than the 40% tax band (£40,000) will benefit by £120 a year!

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Oh that’s all right then if it’s in the Times it must be right. I thought you meant to say £14000. I think you will find my numbers are nearer the correct figure. The problem is Bob, Gordon and his merry men have lost touch with the ordinary bloke in the street. The campaign in Crew and Nantwich for example calling the Tories Toffs was childish and immature. What we want to see from our government now is some real leadership. The final years under Major do not compare with what we have now. Tony had some clear policies Cameron does not. Why then do all “loyal” political heavy weights insist that Gords the man for the job. Is it because they know that many of their jobs are on the line? You have to wonder at the advice Gordon has been getting. Perhaps he should have a pensioner on his advisory team, I know just the bloke for the job.