Monday, 14 July 2008

Dear Gordon 8

Not a good week again was it? The affairs of state do seem to be a heavy burden on your shoulders. I hope you will ignore the bye election result of David Davis and continue with the 42 days. That election was just a gratification of his ego and I hope you will send him the bill for it. I don’t see why you should spend my tax pounds on such a stunt.
The party seems to have got on well without you. Prime Ministers questions was a big relief with Harriet & William. You should let them do a lot more of this, it’s called delegation and it works. While I’m on that subject why do you do all the lead talk on the state of the economy? Alistair is the chancellor. I know the mess is of your making but although he seems a little hopeless at times perhaps you should let him do his job.
I promised I wouldn’t whinge in these letters so I’m going to get positive again. This week there was a report of a devise which can be used in the home to produce hydrogen from water and electricity with a devise for retro fitting to existing engines so that they run on hydrogen. Admittedly the range is short at the moment but the potential is enormous. I would volunteer to pilot a scheme like this. 25 mile range would fit my needs exactly. I’m still concerned though that it would use electricity made mostly from dirty fuel but still well worth investing in. My earlier letter I said you should ban petrol & diesel engine imports and manufacture in UK to stimulate this kind of development. The technology is out there you can stimulate this development right here in the UK. It needs leadership.
Another of your crafty attacks on pensions was also brought to my attention this week. One of the results of the cut in basic rate tax to 20% is that the gross value of personal pension contributions falls. Your sneaky introduction of higher road taxes came out in the press and it is being suggested that you mislead the commons. Isn’t that a resigning offence? I know my MP tells me I should not believe what I read in the press but the reports seem good to me. Can you confirm that you did indeed fib?
This increase in road fund licence may sound a good idea to you and I’m sure we do need to get dirty vehicles of our roads but trying to do that to fast and not coming clean (pardon the pun) about it is going to alienate a lot of traditional labour voters who own these vehicles because that is all they could afford to buy. Now they can’t afford to run them they risk loosing their jobs so they can’t afford to buy later model cleaner cars and the mess gets worse.
Is Labours policy on food inflation eat your left over’s? Because your comments at G8 seemed to be suggesting that. I can see the banners on the backs of cars and hoardings. Not as good as “Things can only get better” though is it? I suppose we are back to before 1997 (boom and bust only now it’s bust) because whatever happens things must surly start to get better or is there as I suspect a lot more bad news? We’ll be having pig bins on the streets again soon.
Have a good week.
Bob the Black Country Brummie

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