Friday, 4 July 2008

Music in my ears

I missed my weekly car journey with my grandkids this week and subsequently my weekly quality time chats with Freddie and Hippy. It wasn’t that I did not see them but Hippy’s talents were required in other areas. He played his flute in two concerts this week. Monday at Birmingham Town Hall with the Flute Choir and last night with his school orchestra. He is in his final term at primary school and I could not help but reflect on the changes within that school since his elder sister started their 8yrs ago. Then school concerts consisted of about 10 kids with Cellos or Recorders. Last night 60 kids on a whole range of instruments including lead Flautist Hippy. Concert finished with a choir. Brilliant, and well done Birmingham for supporting this.
Today was their grandparents picnic we spent a lovely afternoon with him and his mates in what is his last picnic. Because it was 4th July the theme was America. Great to see his head mistress has Mini Mouse. Most grandparents made the effort to dress up. Pat made Hippy a Uncle Sam outfit together with stripped top hat.

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