Sunday, 27 July 2008

Pensioners against Brown. The last post.

You read it on my blog first. I started this campaign at the time of Gordon’s first budget after the last general election when he robbed pensioners of the £200 bribe we were given as a sweetener to vote labour last time. For me this was an unacceptable use of his power as chancellor and just another act of meanness towards pensioners that have been symbolic of his years as chancellor.
I wanted to have the debate about his suitability to become PM but the parliamentary party went ahead and anointed him. If the debate had been held and an election for leader carried out then perhaps we would not need to have it now. I feel that I can now drop my one man campaign because it would now appear that the debate is being orchestrated by more powerful people than me. I am however sad that a proud party that has achieved so much could get itself in such a mess in such a short time and makes me think that the leadership in general have a naïve view on what is really happening (it’s the economy stupid). If things stay as they are we will have a Tory government, elected not on their policies but because the electorate are fed up with labour and we will have a Tory MP. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.
It isn’t just the PM but the front bench whose policies are longer people friendly. To me they are a bunch of closet Tories. The country needs some real leadership not “I’m getting on with the job” quotes. Our local MP used to canvas people’s views on a lot of local and national issues and do a regular parliamentary report none of this happens now. Why I wonder? Answers on a post card please! His reports to some extent balanced the lack of output from our local labour party against the regular Lib Dem focus which actually tells us what they have passed on to member services for action and implies that they are working year round. Leaflets will elections in our ward. We need some leadership locally as well if we are to tackle the many problems facing our ward.

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