Saturday, 5 July 2008

Roundabouts, islands, junctions they’re all the same to me.

I always think its interesting when our councillors get their pictures in the local press. The liberals seem to have a hot line to our local freebie The Chronicle. The body language speaks buckets. This week the paper used a larger than life picture of one of our councillors with her arms folded (body language “keep away”) proclaiming the problems we have with a mini island on Hamstead Road. All the bloody islands are a problem on this road so why this one I wondered. The mini island was a long way in the background of the picture. The other Liberal Councillor also prefers his arms folded when presenting his “more needs to be done” routine at election time. The report seems to suggest we are at last getting something done. Or are we? It seems to imply it is the road surface near the mini island that is worn out. The road surface for the full length of this road is worn out and heavily patched after the gas work. I tried about three years ago to get the head of Highways to introduce a coloured road surface near these islands but of course they had no budget and that kind of thing is very expensive. Why did the Liberals not speak up for the petition I presented to our Town Committee last week despite them claiming in their “Election Special” Action for speed limits and safer junc? This is strange to me because according to them back in April the junction was “lethal” (see picture 1) I seem to remember the Labour bloke did a lengthy piece on the problems we have on Hamstead Road a few months back in one of his leaflets ( see picture 2). Obviously the Liberals have a better publicity machine but I suspect some political shenanigans here. Come on Dave start blowing your trumpet. No good working hard for your community if nobody knows about it. Come to think about it, isn’t it time Shirley sent around a thank you note. I know she got a beating at the last election but that’s no reason not to thank the folks who did vote for you. Now we have all our councillors focused on this road perhaps just perhaps we might get something done at last.

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