Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The numbers game continued.

When I was walking out of the hospital yesterday Pat enquired what bulletin we needed to post on the railings in Little Lane. She meant of course what we ought to share with our friends and associates. I had always believed in being totally open about such things but the last few months as taught me that that is not always a good idea. Some of my less than scrupulous associates/“friends” I think used it against me and many people think, oh the blokes ill we won’t bother him. Well, bollocks to that. So for my general readership, yes I may have to be a bit choosier in what I do but for Bob & Co it’s business as usual. When we analysed what we were doing we found a lot of the stuff was quite frankly head against the wall stuff and we made a conscious decision to move away from this and to stop attending meetings where people attended who we loathed and to be honest are just talking shops. You will notice I have been using the plural here because Pat & I have discussed this at length. It would be na├»ve to suggest that our lives have not changed as a result of this illness but we still have a full and active life and hopefully will have for a long time to come. If you choose to think that the old buggers “past it” well think again.
The blood numbers are better than for a long time. On the financial side I wonder what Harriet Harman means by trying to help small investors. Because my little portfolio is disappearing down the plug hole faster than a can of XXXX down an Aussies throat. It’ll be alright Gordon’s back next week. Oh joy.


sean gould said...

hi bob
to put this comment here.
but i need your advice?
i know you had problems with the dates on your blog.
im having the same problem.
how did you sort it?

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

i'll leace a comment on your blog but it will have to be alittle later