Tuesday, 8 July 2008

What a waste of money.

Yesterday British Gas delivered to me four economy light bulbs. I never asked for these, in fact if I live to be 100 (which is about as likely as Miss Piggy being the next Prime Minister) I’ll never use the mountain of these I have been given by various organisations over the last couple of years. Deliver is perhaps not strong enough of a word because the method used requires the post person to hand them direct to the customer. If they are not in, the parcel has to be returned. Not only are they wasting my time and money they are screwing up the postal service. Two 40w and two 60w bulb so they also want me to sit in the dark. I’d rather see a concerted effort to keep prices down and stop wasting money on silly promotions such as this. Can you see the scenario in Gas HQ Oooh they’re pensioners, send em a couple of light bulbs then we tell em the cost of energy is going up 30% but we’re helping you save money by sending you these bulbs. Poppy Cock.


gerry said...

Bob or should I say Victor,I haven,t had any light bulbs of anybody and i,m older than you,
so the british gas ones will be greatfully received by me and alot of other pensioners

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I forgot you living out in the sticks but over here every organisation with a pot of money is throwing them at us. As you know we invested in low energy bulbs about 20yrs ago and some of them are just starting to wear out. If you don’t get the BG ones I’ll let you have a couple next time you’re in this neck of the woods. I bet you would have loved the delivery method when you were on the post. "I don't believe it"

sean gould said...

its ridiculous!!
about a month ago i got home from work one day and had one of those red royal mail cards to collect a parcel i got excited as i wasnt expecting anything thought someone had sent me a present or somthing.
so i happily trotted to the post office for this package and guess what it was???
yes thats right lightbulbs
i wouldnt of minded but my flat consists of striplights and spotlights.
so they are no good to me.
a waste of my time and their money.

oh well


Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Sean bring them with you to poetry W my mate in the sticks is collecting them

sean gould said...

consider it done